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things got fixed with my car for a reasonable price, thankfully! I was able to pick it up with the help of two rad Fae tribe of mine, yayeeee! I have had bit of a weird re-entry here in Portland after pendulum/autumn equinox gathering …. Starting to feel a bit more of a solid -ish feeling now since then…. Feeling it out w what needs to be done here portland prior to leaving for Samhain down at the land…. It’ll be a BIG Samhain for sure…. Whoo!

anyway, now to the runes!

i noticed there’s a rune symbol on the Celtic silver gifted pendant to me from my love- it’s the Othel rune. Interesting and I just had to chuckle when I saw that hawthorn is the tree aligned w this rune as said in the book that I referred to. Here’s what it says:

Tree- hawthorn, color- deep yellow, herb-clover, gemstone- ruby.

Othel rune meaning- a possession; divinatory meaning- focus and freedom.

Interpretation of rune:

this is a time to re-focus. Fix your dream firmly in your mind, trusting that your thoughts will attract the energies that you need to make that dream reality. Concentration is needed if you’re to read all the signs that are appearing before you. Allow whatever must happen to proceed unhindered. Do not try to fierce issues. Your dream is liked a dove sitting on the palm of your hand. If you try to possess it or keep hold of it, you risk killing it.

Meaning- a possession:

Othel is the rune which energies can be concentrated and focused. It has a image of an enclosure of land or of a magical circle. Although, Othel means “a possession”, it’s in the sense of holding rather than owning. We own nothing; all things are merely loaned to us, including our bodies. For the power of Othel to be experienced, you need to be able to concentrate and relax at the same time. Focus on a thought, then wait patiently for other energies to be attracted to it. Never try to force things, but keep in mind where you want to go. The energy of this thought will direct and guide you in the right direction. Never lose sight of your dream.

Another rune talked to me the other day when I was driving and saw it up in the sky, in the clouds. It felt important to pay attention with. It is the Hagall rune.

Hagall rune:

meaning- hail. Divinatory meaning- a challenge.

Tree- ash/yew. Color: light blue. Herb: lily of the valley. Gemstone: onyx.

Interpretation of Hagall:

Challenges are occurring in your life. These are not to be feared, but to be embraced. A hailstorm may seem daunting, but if you catch a hailstone you will realize it is only water and nothing to be feared. So it is with challenges. Grit your teeth, fire up your determination, and face the challenges head-on in the assurance that they are just stepping stones to the realization of your dream. Every challenge Meaning:Hailcomes to teach. Remember, the greater the challenge, potentially the more wisdom you can acquire once you’ve overcome the obstacles in your path.

Meaning: Hail

Challenges occur to teach you and you should never shy away from them. When you fix in your mind a vision of how you would like your future to be, you send energy in the form of thought waves out into the universe. These vibrations then attract to you all the things that need to be in place before that dream can become reality. You cannot know all the lessons, but if you stay fixed on your dream, be assured that you will be attracting all the lessons you need. When life becomes difficult, it is not a sign to abandon your dream, it is merely a stepping stone to the realization of that dream. It is an opportunity to learn lessons that you will need when your dream becomes reality. Face the challenge- when you overcome it, you will be stronger and wiser.

Book: runes for divination, protection, healing by Andy Baggott.

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