Checking in….

Hello y’all ~

I realize that it’s been quite a while since my last post here. I appreciate the patience and understanding in the delayed pause between the last post and this one. It’s been challenging to find words and how to share them here.

I want to use this platform to share directly from my heart and spirit for a moment here. I’ve been conflicted in offering my magical healing readings since I’ve not wanted to take away from the many BIG and IMPORTANT events that we are currently witnessing in today’s world…

Yet, at the same time, I’m really noticing that there is a BIG need too in self care, grounding practice, and more. I’m re-committing again to my grounding and self practices while figuring out more in with the “how’s” that I can hold a Deeper space and offer my medicine workings with y’all.

SO much has been happening since then and especially recently in the last week or so. I’ve been holding a lot of space energetically at times related to the protests and Black Lives Matter movement that has been growing MUCH bigger recently. Big cosmic energy has been swirling around as well due to the recent full moon/lunar eclipse in Sagittarius that happened on June 5th ~ and mercury will be transiting retrograde in cancer within the next couple days ….

SO many of our hearts are heavy especially right now since today is the 4th year anniversary of the Pulse shooting as well as the US White House having announced their pulling back of health care protections for transgender folx… and not only that, there were also two more deaths of trans black femme folx ~ My heart beyond breaks with not just only this… my heart aches DEEPLY with EVERYTHING right now…

Also, I’ve been realizing that it is ok and important for me to step away from social media from time to time as part of my mental health and self care needs. Not only that, it is essential for me to discover something of joy and pleasure; what holds hope; how I can hold hope in such a intense BIG time here in today’s world that we are witnessing… and … not only that, it is important for me to give myself that permission and to checkin with the balance of my time and energy  spaces related to everyday.

Today: I renewed my ACLU membership and donated some dollars in support of an ACLU petition to defund the police and divest funds back into black and brown communities. That felt like a proactive step that I could take at this time.

I’ve felt deeply conflicted in feeling all the things while recognizing that it is not safe for me in particular ways to attend the Black Lives Matter protests here in portland, Oregon ~ in addition to that, I’ve been reassessing MANY areas including the “how’s” in that I can become a better ally and more proactive with my continued learning experience related to racism, white supremacy, and much more. I’m grateful for the resources and information that I’ve been discovering and adding to my current journey via Instagram, Google, and online book orders, etc.

We NEED to do better. Even more so NOW than before.

June is pride month. The origins of Pride started with black and brown trans and queer folx who started a revolution; not just a riot. I’m beyond grateful for Marsha Pay me no mind Johnson, Sylvia Rivera, Stormé DeLarverie, and many others who are queer and trans ancestors who paved the way with the original Pride. If not for them, then we would not be here today.

Juneteenth is later this month, June 19th. It is no coincidence that the orange haired man from the White House is holding a rally at Tulsa, Oklahoma during Juneteenth.

We NEED to do better. Even more so NOW than before.

I will be checking in again soon with more thoughts. Thankees for taking the time and energy to read this long post. Y’all’s patience and understanding is much appreciated in this. 🙏💚🙏💚🤟

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