Continued musings re. Ancestors, etc

Hello folx,
Here’s a short continuation on the Ancestor musings… I journaled last night and want to share an excerpt of what I wrote….

“Interesting note:
I checked my August 2014 blog posts and found within similar timing around now-ish that I had posted a blog post mentioning the Ancestors, etc. Hmm. Makes sense in kind of a way since we are after all in the Harvest season — and the Harvest happens in all forms including death and those who leave before their time and those who are passing from dis-ease.

Death is as much as part of Life as Life is part of Death. This is true. I feel that Death is another door to rebirth, new life, transformation. It doesn’t necessarily mean have to mean physical death always – though when someone we know as beloved tribe or family pass through the Veil, it hits us in the deepest ways. It reminds us how fragile Life is and a precious gift that Life is.

I will not be surprised if more humans and animals pass from this Earth realm as the coming months unfold — it seems like ALOT of deaths/passing happen starting in late August and keep going until late December or January. Hmm. ”


It felt important That I share this reflection in the Light of how things are currently shifting for me internally with focus and tuning into the flow of rhythm according to the season changes unfolding.

As we go into the Darkening of the session’s turnings, it is important to remember that Light is resilient. Hope is resilient. Faith is resilient. We must hold these as a constant flow within ourselves and remind each other of these especially in these intense days now unfolding.

We must be compassionate with each other and with our Selves. Grief work isn’t easy and not for the faint of heart. It’s Deep stuff. Yet, In the end, so much good and healing can be harvested with grief work, if approached in the right way.

As Professor Dumbledore (from the film series Harry Potter) says: Hope is a light in the dark if one remembers how to turn it on….

I agree fully with this. Such gentle, grounded, powerful, simple truth is spoken in this. And – when these times feel heavy, grow too dark to bear, and/or we have difficulty remembering how to turn on the Light and rooting into Hope, we can count on those who are dear close to us, they WILL remind us how to turn within and re-member.

More thoughts will continue soon!
All blessings,
– mr. Thorne

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