Cosmic map, part two… And more unfoldin

First things first, the cosmic map I referred to in my most recent post… Well, here’s a bit more about it… Through my working with and receiving some amazing mentorship with Jasmin Soleil (…. One of the key pieces that came through with these sessions is ans was the Cosmic Map : a way for me to distill and vision where some places are calling me to bring my woo medicines and services; also, it feels like along some of the travels I will take, they will beckon me to some places of magick and to re-awaken these Grid places…..

Mother Earth is currently going through a HUGE re-Birthing….. This is being very much Seen and Felt by many folx in variety of ways. I’ve been experiencing different energy-resonances located in my physical body. Feels like the Cosmic Forest collective consciousness has been weaving its ways to me, feeling their energy very deeply…. Quite similar, tho a bit different in how I’ve been feeling into the Old Gaia/Mother Earth consciousness waking up in Deep ways, speaking with me. Wow! Very powerful for sure.

As of recent and current, I’ve been focusing with self-sufficiency skills as part of my preparing for nomadic life/path working ahead. It was so interesting to learn how easy to make homemade laundry soap! That was step one. Now, step two? Learning how to make DIY goat milk kefir! The book I have as a resource for this: wild fermentation a DIY guide to cultural manipulation. It’s written by Sandor Ellix Katz. I’m grateful it was possible for me to find a cheap book version of this via! Yayeee!

On a different note, I’ll be up in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada this weekend…. Starting Saturday until Monday (no phone/signal on while I’m up there)… I’ll start trekking back south into the USA on Tuesday (phone will be back on by then) and back to Portland (OR) by Wednesday next week. Why? I’ll be house and animal creature-sitting at another house while some friends/tribe attend the radical faerie Bretienbush gathering for a few days. Should Be fun!

more thoughts soon….

Mr. Thorne

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