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Cosmic Consciousness Weekly
For the week of February 20 – 26, 2017:

Get ready for an epic life altering week ahead, filled with unexpected shifts, surprises, and wake up calls that facilitate the clean breaks necessary to step fully into our most empowered Selves and into our highest vision, focusing 100% on what matters most. We’re elevating, fine tuning, and upgrading, and as crystal clear as our next step becomes, it’s even more important to be willing to let go of any old familiar patterns of safety and comfort that have become crutches and ruts. While the new terrain might seem a bit unsteady at first, we’re learning to walk with a new sense of inner balance and higher alignment.

Navigating change can be stressful, especially when letting go of something we love in order to elevate up to a higher frequency.

Oftentimes our evolution requires us to trust and have faith in an unknown landscape that doesn’t quite make sense logically, or that we’ve never even considered. It’s important to remember that all energy flows through the fibonacci spiral sequence, moving through the lower 4 body system from spiritual, to mental, then emotional, and finally expressing in the physical. By the time we recognize and feel familiar with anything new at the physical level, our energy patterns have already been calibrating and manifesting for quite some time. There truly is nothing “new” other than what we’ve allowed ourselves to receive as a physical reality. We’re constantly trying on options in our mind and hearts, while our highest blueprint and vision is attracting and drawing forth the options that resonate most with our soul’s blueprint.

As long as we can remove any fears, doubts, or limiting conversations, we can allow the highest manifestations of ourselves to emerge and become the new reality. The old paradigm is to work hard at making things happen. The new paradigm is to do our inner work to remove the limitations, resistance, and blocks that have prevented those expressions from already showing up. We have all that we need, and every solution or new beginning is already vibrationally attuned within us. There’s nothing to struggle for or fight for anymore. Conscious discipline and inner commitment are now necessary at the mental level, to elevate our belief system and have faith that all things are possible.

Having faith isn’t a passive involuntary practice, it actually requires a high level of focus and intentional commitment to doing the inner work. In Cosmic Consciousness, faith in action is the Pisces quality of consciousness, which is also Christ Consciousness. It requires a level of faith in the spiritual wisdom of Unconditional Love, and the mastery available to all of us when we practice living and embodying this faith. When we master living as faith in action, we find ourselves living in the infinite realm where all possibilities exist and anything can happen, even miraculous healings, realizations, and shifts.

We’re currently in the middle of an intense wormhole, the passage between 2 eclipses, where anything can change on a dime, leading us to the path less traveled that reveals our hearts truth and highest calling. The upcoming solar eclipse occurs at the end of this week at 8 Pisces, not long after Mercury (our operating system and mental body) moves into Pisces as well. We are being calibrated to this super high frequency of spiritual wisdom, activating our cellular potential to operate as Faith in Action. This week could be the long awaited spark that takes us from point A to B of our evolutionary journey in the blink of an eye.

The week begins on Monday 2/20 with a Mercury Uranus resource, which is designed to wake us up at the mental operating level, clearing away any distractions, interference, or unnecessary chaos that’s been dulling down or numbing out our capacity to think clearly and determine the next course of action. This aspect is a support mechanism, an upgrade to our operating system, however uncomfortable it may seem in the moment.

Tuesday 2/21 is a busy day, starting with a Mercury Eris resource, a Mercury Jupiter manifestation, a Sun South Node (Earth Star Chakra) conjunction (new beginning), and a Sun MakeMake great eliminator. As we awaken our minds, we interrupt the regular programming of information, which also interrupts the repetitive loops and cycles, allowing for something new and more expansive to manifest and take root. As we liberate ourselves from the collective karmic roots, we are shining the light of our awakened consciousness into the shadows, restoring divine order and authenticity on our planet for All.

On Wednesday 2/22, Mars and Pluto form a powerful stepping stone as the physical body undergoes a transformation or resurrection, creating an opportunity to step up to a higher dimension or even realize a healthier physical expression. Also, Mercury and Haumea are in a manifestation. Our thoughts manifest our physical reality, and when our thoughts are manifesting within the higher octave of wholeness, we begin to realize our full potential of the mind/body connection. The physical body can be transformed and resurrected through the power of our own thoughts. We become empowered healers and change agents once we understand the potential we hold within ourselves.

Thursday 2/23 is a Mercury Ixion resource and a Mercury Saturn resource. Our mental body activates our higher blueprint of potential, and then activates our personal authority to take full ownership of that potential. When we know our true nature and potential, we become personally responsible for our results and contribution. Beyond any conditions or circumstances, we each hold the power within ourselves to unlock our potential and live the lives we came to live, with purpose and integrity.

On Friday 2/24, the Sun and Ceres are in a resource together, as our consciousness delivers support for the huge weekend ahead. And on Saturday 2/25, Mercury enters Pisces in a void moon. While inside that void moon, our mental operating system is held in a still point, in preparation for the eclipse. The potent eclipse energy is calibrating Christ Consciousness into our operating systems and higher minds.

Sunday 2/26 is the New Moon Solar Eclipse at 8 Pisces, conjunct Neptune, at 10am EST, and in a bridge with Orcus. Also, Mercury and Quaoar are in a resource, as our mental body plugs into the infinite realm of our new belief system. We have total access to the light bridge, beyond any veils or confusion. Anything is possible when we operate from this space and walk across this bridge with freedom, liberation, and empowered vision. Whatever we believe, we see. And we can believe whatever we choose, therefore we choose and create the bridge with faith as we step across it.

Later that evening, Mars and Uranus form a new cycle (conjunction), and a whole new chapter awakens at the physical level. The physical is the densest of the 4 body system, it’s the final manifestation, final expression of the fibonacci spiral sequence. Energy moves from spiritual, to mental, to emotional, then expresses as physical. We are awakening at the densest karmic level of expression. This is the life altering breakthrough that shifts our reality in an instant. There’s nothing to fear, nothing to resist, just allow, surrender, and step in. Mars and Eris conjunct the following day at the start of next week, in a bridge with Jupiter.

The practice this week is to surrender, let go, and rise above every moment. Every moment of unexpected change or turbulence is an opportunity to take the high road, to elevate your operating system in alignment with your heart, and choose to be Love. Keep your eyes on your Self and what matters most, and be mindful of the distractions and interference that only dull down your clarity. When in doubt, put one foot in front of the other and keep breathing. Trust that each step will create the necessary shifts to align you with your true path. There are no mistakes, just keep walking and enjoy the journey. This week is totally unexpected and unpredictable, and will strengthen your ability to walk across the bridge, and walk across water, as Faith in Action!

“Faith is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge into the light.” ~ Helen Keller

Christine Clemmers
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