Creativity and shiftings!

Hello y’all! as the holyday season has opened up…. There certainly will be (and already is) ALOT moving  in the sky and will be reflecting in deep, powerful ways for each of us as we move forward on our respective paths. Myself, I’ve certainly been feeling this coming Satyrday’s full moon in Gemini….!!! Tonight I’ve mused some on Brighid and Morrighan…. Some interesting pieces coming to light and surface from the depths for me; one- for example, I didn’t connect the dots that Brighid is the daughter of the Morrighan til I did some reading via… And then there it was as I was reading about both of them… And so much started falling into place for me in my hearts realizations about them both. No wonder why right now Brighid is very strong for me, currently… also, tonight, I purchased a book tonight via about masculine Rites of passage, Celtic spirituality related themes with the grail, etc. I’m feeling like I’ll be on a studying and deepening cycle this month or so! Should be a intriguing journey….. On many levels, I already can sense this…. 😉 Tomorrow evening I will be making some beeswax-related items (which I love doing during December as one if my preparations for winter solstice)  and trying my hand at the craft of felting for the first time! I’m excited to see where the slipstream of magick will flow with this as this week unfolds… More thoughts and feels soon! mr. Thorne

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