*** Current Scorpio waxing moon musings*** May 27, 2018 ***

Hello y’all!

The moon has been waxing and just transited into Scorpio! Have you been experiencing the Scorpio themes related to mysteries, occult, magick, spirituality, death, sex, sexuality, trauma, skeletons in the closet, ancestors, rebirth, transformation, renewal, etc?

I’ve been personally experiencing the deep range of many thoughts, emotions, and reassessing what I’ve learned especially in the past 9 years and how I’m ready to let go & heal more with related to various layers of age, death, rebirth, healing, etc.

Right now, Im currently Deep in the liminal and non-linear spaces on all levels, both personally and professionally ~ taking time to really sit with myself and observe the open stream of thoughts and energies unfolding in some pretty viscerally felt layered ways….

This is part of my current process as I’m approaching the humyn age of 40… wondering, noticing, and feeling into how exactly do I want to spend the remaining days of being 39 in a good way? How do I want to step into 40, knowing truly within Self that I’m ready to celebrate, honor, and welcome in 40 and all what will come with the terains of 40 to be experienced with?

It is true that everyday, every minute, every hour, a part of us is dying in order to rebirth and bring change. Our physical bodies and organs regenerate automatically without our having to think about it. Our skin cells die then refresh in their own ways, again, without our having to think about it. The gateways of death and of birth are so intertwined; right now, someone is preparing to die and pass through the Veils to return home to their bright, mighty ancestors…. right now, someone is readying to labour and give birth to a new souls incarnating into this world we live in.

Change isn’t always easy. It can be terribly harrowing yet intensely beautyfull at the same time. It can be a Initiation. There are so many types of initiations. Some are gentle and easeful. Some are fast and rushing through like a river, carving and changing the landscape. Some are like the hot lava that boils deep in the Earth, coming up in the volcanos, then pushes up then over onto land and changing the earths surfaces, etc.

Right now, Pele (the volcano goddess of Hawaii) is clearly speaking to that right now in the islands. The people who dwell there on the Hawaiian islands honor that and make room for Pele to do that work. It takes so much to honor that even in the face of devastation like that yet welcoming that change in birthing new land and water shapes.

It is evident in how much of a need it is for us to heal our relationships with the land and living closer *with* the land instead of living against the land.

It is also transparent in how we need more of a relationship with our ancestors and understanding more of how that can heal us and them both.

I’ve been feeling Hecate close by my side more now than in the past. She is one of my several dear, dear, dear patrons and deities along my paths. It makes sense in some ways with Hecate closeby, considering my walking at the moment in the liminal and non-linear space betwixt humyn ages of 39 and 40….

it feels like I’m approaching the peak of certain initiations to come on my path due to my up-leveling with a couple cauldrons brewing in my personal and professional lives, both.

I choose to honour that as well as welcome in what wants to change and initiate me into this new cycle to birth as well as this current cycle to close/die.

There are more thoughts brewing ….. to be continued in another post to come…. 🔮✨🙏🏼💜💚❤️🌙🐺




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