**** Dancing with the Ancestors **** Samhain ***



This article is written by the Uranias Well author. I resonated deeply with the astrological information shared in there. Hence, my sharing it on here ~ in hopes that itll resonate with whoever it is meant to resonate with.

This coming Scorpio dark new moon and Samhain both are brewing to be HUGE, Deep, Intense and Powerful woo portals. Ive already been feeling the brewing and swirlings of the heightened energies for weeks … and now its intensifying and Deepening BIG time…. <3

Are you feeling the energies brewing? Is there a deep pull for you to know more related with your blood, spirit, chosen, adopted, and/or all or one of these lines of Ancestors? Is your heart needing healing? This is more than an excellent time to be creating ritual around these things and related threads as well.

Do you find your self in need of support as you delve into this work?

If you find your self answering yes on any level, then please do consider contacting me to book a session with me. The sooner, the better ~ since ive a feeling that the Spirits will be keeping me busy well into November. So, kindly please book your session sooner than later with payment upfront (much gratitude when this is possible!)… and we can get yall scheduled!

Be gentle and kind with your selves as this week and weekend continue to unfold… <3

Blessings and Magick,



P.S. My Facebook woo work page: Spirit Oracle professional services ~ if you want to follow my work, offerings, journeys, etc on there. Ive got a (set to secret, currently) Facebook woo work group: Spirit Oracle. Please do feel welcome to request to join, if you feel called.

Gratitudes and blessings!!!

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