*dark moon (jan. 2011)… heading to imbolc*

The moon has turned into waning moon, heading towards dark moon time… quite excellent time to close chapters & release old things, projects, etc in order to prepare for a new moon cycle that shall arrive soon…. Imbolc comes ’round 2nd february ~ a fire festival connected with Brighid, one of the Irish Ladies & Keeper of the Sacred Flame among other things She’s known to be muse for smithing, poetry, music, inspiration, creativity…. the color red ’tis associated to her-Brighid and the element fyre as well as the Mother aspect of the Lady/Goddess *sparkle* colors white also associated with Imbolc as representative of Maiden aspect of Goddess, purification, initiation, milk-based dishes, sheep, and candle-making also connected with this holiday ~ *sparkle* Imbolc ’tis known as ‘milk in the belly’…. *whoooosh faerie dust* blessings & may your Imbolc be wonderful!

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