*** Dark Moon Salon ~ psychic sister woo event *** gratitude ***

Hello folx!!

Yesterday (Tuesday~ 8/27/2019) evening, i did something differently new for myself ~ taking a step out of my comfort zone and offering a 20 minute talk re. New moon in Virgo this week and the coming Astro planetary energies in September 2019 ~ at Psychic sister woo shop, local based in Portland, Oregon!!!

I’m truly grateful that I said yes to this opportunity and invitation. SO much has been received from and with this experience! Mega gratitude and appreciation to Dreamy, the shop owner, @psychicsister and Moe @blackbirdritualservices ~ and the rockstar ASL interpreters too!!

Exciting things are hopefully brewing due to my having said yes to this opportunity; I dont want to say too much right now so temperance and discernment at the moments being and when more comes through, then I’ll keep y’all posted 😉 🙂


plus! I was gifted this sparkly Astro woo dice set by Dreamy @psychicsister ~ such a delightful surprise to be gifted this and really appreciate the opportunity to try working with a different wootastical medium in this way! <3 *heart*

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