*** Dark/New moon in Capricorn + solar eclipse readings NOW avail!!! ***

Images Credit: @seagrape via Instagram/email newsletter and @chaninicholas


Tomorrow, it’s Wednesday ~ mercury’s day ~ and SO much cosmic energy already swirling up and getting ready to be activated ~ it’s the dark moon currently and I’m really feeling it DEEPLY…. (makes sense with my natal moon being in the dark/new moon phase when i was born into this lifetime) … anyway, tomorrow is the Christian/commercialized holiday of Christmas ~ December 26th, 2019 ~ and not only that…. it is the Capricorn new moon + solar eclipse!

For us here at portland, oregon, USA ~ we will not be able to view the solar eclipse with our physical eyes ~ however, it can be live streamed online for those who are interested!

In summary: right now and tomorrow both are HUGE portals in SO many ways for wishing, weaving spells and intentions, and making preparations for this new moon cycle; not only for that, also for the next couple months… since there will be a lunar eclipse + full moon happening in early January 2020 which occurs about 2 weeks later after this week’s solar eclipse…. BIG energies to finish December 2019 + start off with for January 2020! We will continue to feel the effects rippling out for the next 6 months to year ahead in 2020 with the current energies swirling up with eclipse season….

Speaking of the new/dark moon in Capricorn + solar eclipse…  I’m available NOW for receiving your orders to book new moon in Capricorn+solar eclipse readings ALL this week/weekend! If you’d like to book a reading for a friend and/or yourself, then that’s amazing! Also, gift certificates are available for purchase!

I appreciate so much y’all’s support of my livelihoods and thank YOU, thank YOU, thank YOU….. !!!!! it’s always a honor and blessing for me to hold space with ya’ll while facilitating sessions full of healing and magic 🙂

blessed dark moon and more news soon! <3 *HEART*

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