*** Dark ~ New Moon in Libra ♎️ ***


it’s currently the dark moon 🌙 phase; soon, it’ll transit into the new moon phase around 4:05am PST; 7:05am EST. Lots of cosmic energy has been swirling up and around with 7 planets retrograde including mercury retrograde in libra. I’ve found this MRx cycle to be a interesting one; mixed with good and strange energies and moments at times. … I’m feeling grateful for Kate Mura’s new moon tarot group coming up in several hours online zoom. I feel good giving myself this intentional community space connection as well as aligning with the dark new moon energy in the wee hours. I was born into this lifetime during the dark new moon time so it feels extra deep for me, energetically.

Y’all can check out Kate’s current and upcoming tarot and magical events via Instagram: @consciencethetravelingmoth ~ her new moon tarot group is live captioned accessible for deaf and hoh folx ~

In the next couple days, it’ll go down to 5 planets retrograde instead of 7 planets. I’d encourage continued practice of grounding rituals, going with the flow of things, breath work, journaling, meditation, and whatever else that is supportive ~ especially with the awareness of mercury retrograde not being officially done until October 18; Mercury transits direct station on the 18th of October. I’d give it another week or so for Mercury to pick up speed and catchup to the flow of things.

Also! It’s Samhain season already!! I’m feeling the energy swirling up for this and the veils are thinning fast. I’m offering readings specifically to the Ancestors/Samhaintide portals and the Full Moon 🌕 (in Aries ♈️) on October 20th. There’s several things brewing in my cauldrons and I’m excited to share soon ✨✨✨

I offer gift certificates for purchase as well as for events, etc. Please do inquire if y’all are interested in that.

Y’all can follow me on Instagram: @heartofoak8 ~ blessings ✨🌙🍂🦇🦉🎃🔮🍂

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