Dark/New moon in Sagittarius *** soon! 29th nov 2016 ***

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Hello folx!

I realize its been a bit of time since my last post. Lots been shifting since the last time i wrote a post on here. Ive been having to tend to my own personal self care especially recent in the light of what has been unfolding in the USA ~ post elections, etc.

Now felt apropos for a new blog post. Sagittarius dark/new moon tis coming up soon ~ 29th Nov ~ and just as Sagittarius sun season is now unfolding …. indeed, lots of energy swirling already!

Sagittarius is all about the archetype of the Archer ~ centaur ~ and even the aspect of Chiron, the wounded healer. Epona is the celtic Horse goddess. Many different threads surrounding horses, centaurs, unicorns even are found in mythos and stories. Story telling is a powerful type of medicine…. so are dream weaving and envisionings.

What are you desiring to weave into dreaming and envisioning into manifest? Are there stories needing to be unravelled first prior to weaving new visions and dream castings?

One piece i love about horse medicine comes from one of my animal medicine books ~ the wisdoms of the shamans (if I remember the title properly) ~ it says that horse is about riding towards the sunset aka shamanic rebirth and running towards the new self that desires to birth into being …

Drums are another layer to this kind of space ~ where drumming can be seen as riding the horse so to speak ~ letting Spirit move in that no-time space and bringing the medicines forth which want to support and give guidance on ones path thats currently unfolding…


Journey work can be done with dreaming, rattling, drumming and/or whichever other mediums that feel streamlined with the needs of the individual ~ there is no one right way or a wrong way of doing this. Its by instinct and gut and feeling into the tuning of energy that activates in diverse ways for each and every individual who journeys in ritual, ceremony, and/or otherwise.


If any of this resonates with you, then Im glad! 🙂

If you feel pulled to follow my FB (facebook) woo work page: Spirit Oracle professional services and/or check out my secret FB group: Spirit Oracle, then please do!

If you feel drawn to scheduling a session with me, be it long distance and/or in person ~ then please do! I shall look forward to a new cycle opening up and inviting the magic to manifest in with this ~


Many Blessings,


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