*** Dec. 30th, 2018… 2nd to last evening of the old calendar year ***

Hello y’all!

Just a quick checkin… I’ve been taking a brief pause from doing readings online and/or in person due to the winter holidays. We are heading into the tailspin of the winter holidays….. the 2nd night to the last Eve of the old calendar prior to the first day of the new calendar year 2019! Time certainly flies quickly!

Time has been feeling in a non-liminal space currently & I’ve chosen to go with that unfolding in the moment. I’m feeling gratitude for a better turn with this winter season as compared to last year.

How have y’all been moving through the holidays so far? How’s the self care thing going? Are there rituals that have been supportive to moving through this season? It is totally ok to pause, step back for a minute, and give yourself exactly what you really want in your heart right now. You’re loved, valued, Seen, and all your feels are valid. I hope you receive the respect and care as needed right now.

With 2019 right around the corner…. I’m truly grateful, beyond grateful, and deeply heart blessed with the abundance of y’all’s support of my livelihood work paths and services I offer into the world out there. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

I will write another post on here tomorrow, December 31st, 2018.. Moon’s day aka Monday. 🌙✨🙂😊

Until then, continued happy holidays and blessings!


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