Design Magicky items… Past, present, future….


Hello folx!

The green business card (above, in photo) was designed by my dear friend Daniel Ramsayer. I really appreciated so much how he and I collaborated on this design. Daniel’s support of my woo magicky work in this form is much much appreciate and valued!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Daniel for being there for me from the beginning to now and continued in the future 🙂


The white paper design (below, in photo) was designed by another person who I’m blessed to know! Their name is Karro Moss. It was such a lovely experience sharing space as co-vendors when tabling at a Yule bazaar recently. Karro designed this for me and their crafty visual in this is such magic! I truly resonate deeply with all the elements incorporated in this piece.


Exciting news!! I’ll be receiving some new design magicky items to use in the near future – perhaps sometime after the muggle (non-witchy) New Year. The timing is not yet set for sure due to some time flexibility requested with the person who will be crafting these new design magicks! I’m curious to see how it’ll all manifest in good timing….. 😉

Stacy Bias will be crafting the new design magicky items!


I’m truly more than fortunate to have such brilliant and creative folx such as these three in my life and in my world.

Mega gratitudes to y’all for being there and offering your expertise and support in with my magicky work in these ways! Thirteen times over, thankees you. 🙂 🙂 🙂


-mr. Thorne

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