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Im including am excerpt from John Matthews’s book, “The Celtic Shaman a handbook”:

( this is a dialogue John Matthews had with a inner guide of his)

‘It’s too late to undo what you’ve done to Mother Earth, but maybe it’s not too late to say sorry and to start over. You can honour her, acknowledge her sacredness, work with her power to help bring about change. If you don’t, she won’t bear with you much longer. You’ll find yourself homeless, tossed away. All the filth and poisons you’d put in her will be spewed right back into your faces. You won’t like that a bit…

I say it’s not too late to change. We can begin by building bridges between our two races. You have your ways, we have ours. Sometimes they seem almost the same. Maybe together we can start putting things right, working together to restore the sovereignty of earth our mother. Yes. The spirit wants that, wants it so bad that you may just have to suffer because of it. But, if you’re prepared, if you don’t go any further down the destructive way, you might be able to restore some of the old ways..

Let’s get up and start rebuilding the old world now. Mother will help us, and so will spirit. Let’s do it together, sharing what we have to offer, without thinking: who knows most, who knows best. Let’s just share our wisdom-fires and learn all we can… Your tradition is not the same as ours – though there are many things that are the same. Your tradition is so broken it’s hard to remember. You have to make up new songs. Still that’s no bad thing. We forget too. Our young people don’t remember what it feels like to belong to the red face. But there are still those who do remember…

we have to work together so that both sides of the world can learn to speak the same tongue. We got a lot of work to do, if we are to make things better… You ask about the wasting of the land. Well, it’s what is happening now and what has happened for so long it’s like it has  never stopped. You can do something good about it if you want. The land is so full of good things. They’re the gifts of Mother Earth….

If you look after them and get them spread about then you hold up your head again. You knew this long ago, but that’s in the past and you have to live in the present and the future. You have to grow big enough to hold everything there is inside you. Then you let out your breath in one big puff and the goodness is spread all around. Ha, there’s no time for thinking: How can I do this, how can I do that? No. You gotta forget about thinking. You gotta act….

Use your skills to see the vision that’s there for you to see… Then set it all out like a great pattern in the earth. That way everyone gets to see it as well as feel it. The wells are running dry. That’s because mother has no more tears. What you gotta do is help the waters flow again. Learn how to breathe in this goodness and breathe out the poison… Then things will get better. Hey! Listen!’


It felt important to include this due to my musings and wondering about what will come in the workings I plan to undertake when I go on sacred pilgrimage later this year (2016) to Scanadavia and the edge-lines of Europe: going to specific sacred sites, apologizing to Mother Earth, talking with both the Ancestors and Spirits of place, doing ceremony and bringing right relationship back into these places. I’ve felt the pull for this work, building up even more stronger now since this recent summer. I don’t know how exactly the logistics for this journey will unfold, yet I trust it will and already is aligning in the highest good for me to go and do this work.

I’ve been doing my best to follow the nudges and pulls I’ve felt since this recent-past summer.

This Saturday evening,  I will be connecting in spirit and energy with a Runes related online event. Ingrid Kincaid is offering the medicine of that event. It feels good to connect into the energy of that space since she is offering inquiry in what and how the Runes are/we’re prior to them being claimed by Odin.

(Side note: if you’re curious to check out Ingrid kincaid’s work, then please do go to her website! www.ingridkincaid.com… She’s offering some very important medicine work that is much needed especially now in this world that we live in.)

I’m feeling a lot of curiosity and excitement to see what possibilities and Magic both shall unfold in the coming months as I prepare for thst sacred pilgrimage.

If you feel called to donate and/or offer resources in support for that upcoming journey, then please contact me privately via my woo work email: heartofoak8@gmail.com… It will be amazing and very very heart humble touching for me to receive whatever abundant support that will manifest for this.  Thank you thank you thank you. More details on this will be coming in the months ahead.


more news to come soon!

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