*** endings of the old calendar year ~ dec 30, 2016 ***

Hello yall ~

Tis Dec 30th of the year 2016…. its been quite a year…. so much has happened. I felt nudged to share this card from my newly received Dear Universe oracle deck via Sarah Prout and her company. This card in particular is completely resonant with the timing aligned since the new dark moon recently happened the last two days and now we are entering the no-time liminal space of ending the old calendar year of 2016 as well as ushering in the birthing of the new calendar year, 2017.

I encourage you to observe whatever rituals that feed your heart and soul especially at this time as we go thorugh these shiftings. Be gentle, kind, and compassionate with your selves. Remember it is absolutely ok to do whats needed and right for YOU, no matter if it makes sense or not to/with others.

This is a big liminal no-time space so please be mindful and pay attention to any messages you may receive from Dream Time and/or other mediums and sources of Spirit, ancestors, etc.


I will be doing my own forms of energy work around letting go of 2016 with love prior to ushering in 2017. Ive a feeling i will probably not start feeling into the new calendar year til sometime after the 8th of january. Why? Mercury starts going direct on that day, the 8th…. and it usually takes about a week or so afterwards to get in the full swing flow of direct station.




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