*evocation* courtesy of we’moon*

goat’s rue calendula bergamot chaste/ Wisdom. Words emanate from the earth/Echoes of lives, long dead/to me, not yet born. Strong are the women/who walk with me through these woods/unseen and unremembered but still known. Their knowledge/once used to ease, to uplift, to bind/the pains and the dreams of/the women around them, now only remembered by history in the pointing accusations/Witchcraft…. *…. Their extinguished lives folded into themselves, into the flames, leaving only their remains, dense nuggets, dust to dust, to forever influence the cycles of the earth. Healing. cypress/raspberry leaf/chamomile/sage/ The soil is the medium to understanding. Listen to the words. Strive to secure power from the Earth. Struggle to bear life to insight.*

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