**** exciting news! Festival season unfolding***

Hello folx ~

SunFest was a great experience! Im glad I went ~ some good learning lessons around vendor preparations and the Ritual was wonderfully interactive.  I was able to provide two readings on the last day, of course, of SunFest. *wry chuckle*. Im glad that happened 🙂

The next festival upcoming: World Fest at Grass Valley, California ~ thats during 14th thru 17th July. One of my favorite music groups, name Nahko and the Medicine People ~ theyre playing at that Festival and I wanted to go see them perform. I wasnt sure how itd manifest… To my surprise and feeling very grateful, Im able to go and vend my readings since a friend of mine will be there already with her booth. Shes invited me to join and vend my readings there. So excited and curious to see how this second festival shall unfold….

The third one is Imagine music and arts festival in September; near or around Autumn Equinox time. Itll be up in WA state, off shore on Orcas Island. Super honored and grateful to have this opportunity to go and expereince this festival, to vend, etc. Itll be lovely magic!~

More new to come about these….

Abundance and blessings abound,

~mr. Thorne

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