*** EXTENDED flash sale ~ BRIGHID/IMBOLC sessions!! ***

*** Gentle Reminder *** EXTENDED flash sale***

BRIGHID/IMBOLC focused ~ readings/sessions STILL available til 7th Feb, 2018 ~ THIS WEDNESDAY

$30 = 30 minutes
$60 = 1 hour
$90 = 1 hour and half
$120 = two hours

If youre still feeling into the DEEP and BIG energy unfolding and want some support through with that, then why not book a session with me?

Please book through my website: www.spiritoracle.com ~ including the words EXTENDED flash sale BRIGHID/IMBOLC in the contact forms ~ so i can ensure its clear with my order records. Thankees you~

Closing time to book sessions by 1:11pm (PST ~ pacific standard time) ~ that’d be 4:11pm EST/eastern standard time ~ 7th feb 2018… THIS coming WEDNESDAY …..

if you book at the very last minute, then know that the rates from this flash sale WILL be honored for at least a week AFTER booking at the last minute. Please understand i need to honor my financial needs as well as i want to honor the sacred space of this.

Blessings and looking forward to co creating magik with y’all!


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