Feb. 27, 2016 – quick checkin

Hullo folx!

I’ve not posted within the past couple days due to being away at the ocean then spending this week slowly and steadily recovering from a terrible bout with food poisoning that happened on Monday, earlier this week – yup, the same night of Virgo full moon. Oy! What a experience! It had more than a physical toll on the body I’m in.

It’s been necessary for me to take time, listen to my body as I recover, and not rush right back into doing readings.

Thankfully, I’m feeling much better as compared to Monday night. Although, it will be a bit of time until I’m up to full speed ahead. Your patience and understanding with this is truly appreciated!

Please know that I’m now available for readings, yes… However, it will be a slow, steady progress in scheduling sessions. It is important I stay in tune with my bodies and their needs at this time. If I say no and need to schedule at a different time, then that’s why. It is essential to know I’m not meaning this to be personal…. Just doing my best to practice a balance of best self care *AND* professional boundaries. After all, I DO LOVE offering readings, healings, and all that I offer. There’s also a lot moving and shifting in the cauldron with what I offer. I look forward to what wants to come birth into manifesting with this! It’s exciting!

Speaking of that, we are just about to head into the Leap Year woo portal then full on eclipse season during the month of March. TWO eclipses – solar with the new moon then lunar later in the month. Whoo! We are in for a wild ride for sure!

Your interest and support in ALL forms with my woo work offerings are much much much appreciated, deeply valued, and held with my open, receiving heart. Thankees you, Thankees you, Thankees you!!! Bless bless bless!!!

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