*** feb 5th 2017 *** Seattle Metaphysical Marketplace photos!


I had the exciting opportunity to vend for the first time at Seattle Spooky Underground ~ Metaphysical Marketplace! It occurs every first Sunday, every month. I felt truly cared for and supported by one of the hosts, Luna, who runs the Marketplace! It was great to feel out a new space and see if i could potentially return ~ the end result? Yes to returning and I was invited back! Yayeee!!

Im not sure what next months theme will be since itll be March at that time. This month theme was focused on love, relationships, etc due to it being February.

Photos are included below…. enjoy!


My apology for not being able to figure out at this moment how to rotate these properly. Gratitudes for your patience with my tech savvy skills at the moment. Anyway, this is just a little taste of the magicky space that I setup my table at the Marketplace!

Im certainly looking forward to next time!

Blessings, Blissings, and Gratitudes ~

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