*18th february 2011*full moon*

*There’s a full moon coming up this friday… friday as folklore of the old days ’tis known as freya’s day (aka frejya or frigga)! Freya ’tis one of the Norse Ladies ~ she’s the Lady of romance, love, fertility. * One of the Egyptian Ladies, Isis Pelagia aka Lady of the Seas/Goddess of Love is another patron to approach when it comes to the matters of the heart. * Two other familiar Ladies, Venus and Aphrodite, they’re well known and most called upon when it comes to heart-wise by many folk. * Friday ’tis the day specific connected with relationships both general and romance/lovers/partnerships-wise. If you’re looking to do some magick and/or some work done in the relationships department in yr life, then consider doing something on friday with keeping the full moon’s energy as well ~ many many thanks for checking in w/ my group; your support ’tis truly appreciated! May yr full moon be bright and blessed ~ *sparkle*

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