*** Financial Sustainability ***

All coin/monetary payments received by me as the practitioner from clients will act as a holder for their scheduled appointment(s) with me. I welcome payments that are sent through Venmo, PayPal, and/or Zelle platforms. I do not use Square and/or other online payment apps.

All agreements entered with between the client and myself as an practitioner are agreed upon with the mutual understanding that if in any case there arises the need for any type of financial adjustments to the named appointment(s)/ services requested, then it will be approached with the best of intentions, care, respect, sensitivity, discretion, and kindness on both sides.

If there is any dissatisfaction, assumption, and/or anything of the sort on the client’s part in regards to the service(s) provided by me, then the communication of that is to be expressed in a prompt manner with respect, sincerity, and care by the client. It is reasonable to send one email expressing what’s going on and keeping it to the point. I will respond within a reasonable amount of time. That is to be trusted and respected.

If the client persists in sending repetitive emails, signals any type of non-consentual communication, and/or seems to threaten anything by using financial platforms such as Venmo, PayPal, etc regarding to financial resolution, then I will not continue any further communication and/or agreement with that client. That type of communication is not sustainable. I will consider everything (including the financial situation) to be null and void immediately between the client and myself at that time. There will absolutely be no refund in this case.

If for any reason, the client needs to cancel and/or postpone the appointment with me, then it is their responsibility to reschedule with me at a further time. No refunds will be done at that time.

If, at any time, I (as the practitioner) feel that it is not sustainable in any capacity for me to continue a professional working relationship with a client, then I reserve the right to dissolve that relationship and close the financial agreement(s) between myself and that client. No refunds will be available unless if it is at the discretion of circumstances and the best option to navigate the mutual needs, boundaries, and container existing at that time between the client and myself as practitioner.

This is absolutely essential so it can protect the energetic & intuitive container that’s been put in place during services provided as well as resolve any possibility of it leading to further potential miscommunications and/or assumptions.

I approach all client sessions with the best of my capacities, integrity, energy, intentions, communication, boundaries, and making the magical space safe and grounded as possible. I recognize that I’m in a humxn body and that body is not perfect. I do my best possible to honor the needs, boundaries, container & professional working relationship dynamics which are co~woven energetically, intuitively, and energetically between myself and the client(s). If and when in the case of any needed actions of repair and responsibilities fall on my part, then I approach it with the best of my capacities available at that time. Blessings.