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Hullo folx,

Today is the 6th of March. We are heading into eclipse season among other planetary alignments to unfold this month (March). The new moon  total solar eclipse happens the 8-9th of March then later this month, the lunar eclipse with the full moon. Definitely, there are HUGE energies swirling about!

It is absolutely essential that we do as much grounding work as this wild month unfolds. Grounding practices will give us the space to process all that comes through both in the internal and external areas of our lives.

Discernment will be super important as we will be Feeling SO much this month. There is ALOT of Piscean energy at work already up in the cosmos. It is currently reflecting in our emotions, creative juices, etc. Pay attention to which Feels are low vibrations and high vibrations. Have compassion for the low vibrations and discover a new lense of how to bring these low vibrations into alchemy of high vibrations.

Dream work, art, journaling, collage art, walks outside, lots of sleep, going with the flow of things, mindfulness among many other practices are very important right now. If there’s messages that come through dream time, then pay attention. There is the great possibility of Deep releasing and healing to happen during this new moon+eclipse. Recalibration also is a BIG possibility too.

I had a powerful realization today. This is what I wrote down in my journal: “Healthy forgiveness comes from a place of love, boundaries, and compassion”.

How did this feel powerful to me? Well, I had been contemplating on how I can respond coming from heart centered space related to a recent parting of ways and reframing of a heart connection in my personal life. I realized several things :

My trust needs to be rebuilt in a healthier way with this person if I choose to continue to be in some kind of relationship with this person. It is okay for me to address my need to communicate what’s needed in order to move forward. If they’re not receptive to what I need to share, then that is their thing. I’m not responsible for that. I’m responsible for being able to say what’s needed so I can empty myself of that weight then move on.

I actively choose to forgive them, coming from a place deep inside me with love, boundaries, compassion while recognizing that I don’t necessarily agree with some of their perspectives. I want to forgive them because it doesn’t serve me to remain stuck in trying to figure out why or how they weren’t able to communicate with me as needed. I don’t need to figure out what I could’ve done to fix this. It is not my responsibility in that context. All that is okay.

I actively choose to forgive myself, coming from that same deep place within myself while appreciating I’m able to – with full awareness – keep my heart open during this process even if it may feel challenging at times. This is okay too.

I cannot expect that this dear one in my personal life will be receptive to what I need to communicate with. That is okay too. As long as I am true to what I feel and honestly communicate, then that is all I can do then move on forward from this situation.

I choose to honor the lessons which have arisen from this experience . I choose to love them in a different way now with not being attached to if we will be able to rebuild trust and/or otherwise. It does take time for trust to be rebuilt eventually, if that is meant to be.

This is not easy work to do. This isn’t for the faint of heart. This is part of the nitty gritty work when it comes to the matters of heart and doing what’s needed for deep authentic heart healing.

For me, in a deeply intrinsic, personal sense – it gets even more amplified in particular with the poly-hearted path of intimacy, love, trust, relationships and connections. Even more so, it is crucial to keep in mind the deep place of loving and being able to fully forgive while safeguarding the spaces of trust, radical vulnerability and the ability to truly be authentic to ones feelings in the process no matter how difficult it may be in the partaking of communication.

Side note: please know I am sharing from a very deep, open heart space with the intentions of sharing and relating; NOT to say that polyheartedness is the only way to do love and relationships. To each, their own when it comes to love, intimacy, and forms of relationship. That is my philosophy among many other thoughts.

I will post again soon with this coming new moon+total solar eclipse. Blessings.

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