Full moon in Gemini and other thoughts….

Wow! It certainly has been a BIG Gemini full moon!

the moon is so clearly Seen tonight in all her beauty and glory! So grateful to have Seen her tonight! A rare thing while I’m here in the City (Portland, OR). I spent some time wandering around at an art exhibit I was invited to; such intrigue and creativity in diverse forms were shown on display. I loved especially viewing the nature based jewelry and items shown by my dear friend-chosen fam-sis, April’s friend Gwen. Definitely will be keeping in touch with Gwen since she showed me some amazing Faery stones!

After that, it was off to have a yummy dinner and movie time with April. Oh, and we didn’t forget our crafty time! We made luminaries from beeswax. It was really fun learning something new I could do with beeswax…. Feeling grateful for all the beauty, abundance, and magick that’s unfolded thus far tonight… I feel there is MORE magick to unfold!!

It was fun to try a different way of making the pizza that April and I usually make it- this time with the vegan arugula hazelnut pesto. Yummmm!!

There’s more brewing up with the flow of changes along my path…. More soon on that!

til then, happy full moon and blessings!!

mr. Thorne

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