Gift certificates for events & fundraisers!


This is just an example of what is possible for me to offer as donations via gift certificates to certain fundraisers and/or events that have silent  auctions which ar part of the event space.

Ive offered these in the past to fundraiser events such as TransVerse #1, TransVerse #2, and to a dear friend’s fundraiser for raising funds for personal self care and body modifications.

I also sell gift certificates from time to time. At this time, I have gift certificates available for both event donation AND sale.

If this is something that falls to you then please feel welcome to contact me via my woo work gmail ( and we can sort something out!

My gift certificates are selling for the current rates of $60, $90, $120. The rate has just been adjusted for this, in particular.

It is in alignment with some of the Deeper work I’ve been digging into with my professional self worth, value, and empowering myself to ask for what I truly am worth with what I offer in the services brought out in the world.

Blessings and I look forward to adding a bit of magic to your event!

-mr. Thorne

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