Gift certificates – update!

Hiya folx!

yesterday- Thursday, I printed up and cut some new copies of gift certificates! They’re now ready for donation or sale, depending on the interest.

Gift certificates and business cards

Ive donated gift certificates re. my woo work services to worthy cause events including a recent fundraiser that occurred this past weekend, Saturday May 9th. The proceeds from that may 9th event will go to a lucky recipient and their chest top surgery process.

Im excited to be mailing out some gift certificates as a donation this weekend! These donated certificates will be involved in the silent auction for a worthy cause event (top surgery and self care) to benefit a new friend of mine. That event will be occurring on May 30th, in Colorado.

I feel it is a good thing to me to donate some of my time as well as energy in whatever forms possible to/with community threads which I feel able and sustainable in weaving more of a connection with. Also, it is important for me to be choosy in which events and when it feels good/sustainable to offer my donations in these contexts.

If I don’t choose to offer/donate, then please don’t take it personally. As I’ve mentioned, it’s very important I’m able to make wise, sustainable choices via energy and such when I give support in these ways. It is part of my current re-framing process with boundaries and giving myself permission to practice both my yes and no answers in a good, healthy way. This goes for all the other areas of my life as well.

There’s more brewing up in my magic cauldron of projects and plans coming soon into manifest! I’ll write another post onmr.  this soon.

Cheers, til next time!

Mr. Thorne

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