**** glaucoma/physical eyesight update ****


I had an early morning appointment with my eye specialist on may 9th, earlier this month. Some good news came out of that which is that the pressure came down some in my eyes, especially my right eye. This shows us that we are on the right track with eyedrops being as part of treatment for mantaining the pressure in my eyes. Of course, there is the not out of the woods yet feeling still… and keeping a close eye on how the pressure maintenance is unfolding…

Despite that, im SO grateful for this piece of good news! It felt like a ray of light shining in the midst of darkness for me as well as feeling hope which i hadnt felt for a long while. It hasnt been easy for me to walk this part of my journey unfolding… yet at the same time… ive been learning some deep lessons, albeit intense and powerful…. including being willing to See in different ways and the Hows in with the Seeings…


Im continuing the eyedrops treatment as well as getting the flow started with my alternative treatment related to plant medicine. Hopefully i can get the plant medicine treatment started once i return back to Portland in June.

Also, Ive got another eye specialist checkup appointment scheduled on 20th June. I had to chuckle at the humor of the Universe with the irony in that being a HUGE woo portal day. I hope the magic of Midsummer Solstice will bring healing in a BIG oooomph to my eyes, especially!!! *fingers crossed*

I would appreciate any and all the good wishes, energies, healing vibes, and whatever else yall can send my way as im walking through this unfolding journey with my physical eyes.

Many gratitudes and appreciations!

~Mr. Thorne

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