* gratitude * abundance * magick afoot*


Last night, I was treated to this amazing, delicious, decadent cuppa hot cocoa and a meal by a dear friend-chosen family of mine. So much laughter, joy, and other medicines flowed last night when i spent time with this person. Much gratitude for that abundance and it fed my soul and heart in many ways which i didnt realize until last night that ive been needing in some deep ways. So glad for it!

Im curious to see what abundance, magick, and manifesting shall unfold with this beckoning new moon in taurus this friday, the 6th may. Ive a feeling itll be a powerful one. whoo!

Much love and light to yall,

mr. thorne

3 thoughts on “* gratitude * abundance * magick afoot*
    1. thankees you, Folkowl and its much appreciated! do please continue to follow my journey! blessings 🙂

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