*** gratitude is powerful medicine ***

The practice of gratitude is powerful. What are you grateful for? If today is a challenging and difficult day for y’all, then if you’re able to, what are 3 things right now off the top of your head/heart that you’re grateful for?

If you find your self keeping going beyond 3 things, then what are 7 and/or 9 things, even 13 things?

I hope this post reaches whoever needs this today.


Im grateful for each and every one of y’all who follow/subscribe my blog, check out my website, look at my Facebook group & page (Spirit Oracle = group and Spirit Oracle professional services = page), y’all who come to me for readings/sessions, host me on my travels, refer your friends to me, attend my workshops, and/or visit my table at festivals/healing faires… and so much more!!

Truly grateful for y’all and your support! It really does more than you realize! Thankees you thankees you thankees you 💜💚🔮🙏🏼🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♂️✨

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