**** gratitude ****



Ive been going through the tides and currents with all these retrograde planets and the shiftings recently. phew! wow. Intense big energies swirling around for sure.

Today is a better day for me and im feeling so much gratitude!!!!!

My checkup eye specialist doctor appt early this morning had some good news! So grateful for that while choosing to remain in the place of gratitude and not hoping too much… yet finding myself encouraged and thats much needed. And, in the midst of that, allowing myself to feel that its ok for me to feel encouraged and hopeful. My next specialist doctor appt will be in June, right around Midsummer solstice. Funny how timing is like that, yet theres a reason im sure for that aligned timing. See see what shall unfold at that time…. hmm…

I treated myself to a small latte coffee with almond milk and a bit of raw brown sugar to celebrate this step of progress with my eye treatment. It may seem small to others, yet it feels like such a BIG step for me.

And! Not only that good news.. i also received more good news in the context that i will receive the needed funds for travel expenses to the east coast. Im starting to get a bit more excited now for the East Coast travels! I shall be travelling to Washington DC, then to New York then Vermont… Montreal is a possibility too. Still feeling out what could unfold and be open to what magicks want to happen…. I feel it will definitely be a interesting journey full of alot in store… !!!!

Also, Im not sure how long into June that ill tarry along the East Coast. It is possible that ill be there during my solar return anniversary (yes, im a gemini sun folk, if youre curious and an astro geek as i am 😉 ) OR I may return back west prior to my solar return anniversary. Time will tell 🙂


Thats the news for the moment. I will write another post prior to my departure for the East Coast.

Blessings and appreciation,

Mr. Thorne

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