*** Gratitudes to Toronto/Brampton, Canada folx ***

*** hey Toronto/Brampton Canada folx ***

My heart is deeply beyond grateful & blessed for all the generous host stay spaces, connections, adventures, abundance, moments, and all the magickyness thats unfolded since ive been sojourning here ~

Im looking forward to making the absolute most of the next few days while still here til departing for USA on sunday oct 1st….

if weve not been able to connect this time around for whatever reasons, then please know that i am already planning to return in December 2017 ~ I WILL be offering some woo work workshops as well as readings/sessions in Dec among other plans i have committed to at that time.

If youre interested in my presenting workshops, etc in Dec 2017 then please lmk ASAP and lets plan!

Heres my woo work website: www.spiritoracle.com

Heres my FB page: Spirit Oracle professional services


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