*** healing 101 webinar *** completion!!!

Hello folx!

I’m excited to announce:

I have recently completed the Healing 101 webinar module series as faciliated by Heather Smith of Love and Now ~ it was such a good, interesting, challenging opportunity and experience in different ways for me. I’m glad I decided to take this on and do it….what a journey unfolding…

Now, I’m taking the next leap ~ definitely enrolling for the intuitive business foundation course/offering from Heather as well. This is part of my process for internal reframing and expanding some internal brewing for the work i offer and bring into the world ~ sharing my magickyness with yall!

I know i am being called to level up in many ways related with woo work and bringing this more into the world. This feels BIG, scary, exciting, and curious all at once in different ways. Yet, so important for me to be authentic and answer that call for deeper devotion and commitment with this path of magickyness which im called to and vowed with this lifetime.

Many threads are interwined with this including embodying the fact: I AM worthy of receiving the paying INcome from/with clients who recognize the value of what i offer and can bring to/with them in sessions. It is my hope to manifest more flow INcome which will translate manifesting into more stability and opportunity both as I delve into how to bring more with clients as well as honing what is called for with sessions, clients needs, etc.

This is livelihood magik work I offer ~ and in this current world of human minded time clock 9am to 5pm work wise, it often is challenging for me to find a way to resonate with that human mindset since I freely confess and know I don’t operate in that way of thinking and way of living. It is a very different approach with path work I take ~ often taking place in liminal and mystical spaces, walking in-between worlds, etc.

I’m super grateful and blessed to have received SO much support, encouragement, listening/holding space, and MUCH more from many many many folx, community events, festivals, etc along the way up to the NOW moment. My heart brims with gratitude and the abundance of that.

Right now, I know I am on the very brink of a turning point with this path of work and livelihood….

I want to invite you to come along with me for the journey/adventures of this intermittent unfolding manifestation in the process ….. and whatever energy, magic, juju, presence, support, donations, etc etc etc yall can send my way as I begin this new turning point ~ ALL will be super appreciated and valued by me. Truly. I look forward to what comes with the current unknown to happen….  🙂

Blessings ~

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