Healing tools!

hullo folx!

there are many different healing tools and resources at hand for our diverse paths as well as journeys. I’ve been working with a new tool for health and self-care. It us a grounding blanket-sheet. I found out about this from one of my tribe who has access to making this available for use. I’m grateful for this item; there’s already been a difference felt by me in using this tool!

The website – for more info on this – www.softgroundforlife.com

I can vouch that it’s pretty easy to set up then use in no time!

It’ll be great for me to test this out when using it (as part of grounding/self care) at Beltaine gathering down in southern Oregon….

Speaking of Beltaine, yes! The time beckons soon for this summer gathering…. Slowly, I’ve started feeling excited for this and it’ll be good for my body to be back on the Land for a number of reasons.

More thoughts soon,

mr. Thorne

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