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Hello folx!

I’m excited to announce something…. This is a HUGE step for me to have a piece submitted to be included in a written manuscript!

It’s something that’s still in progress of unfolding…. Today, I signed the waiver form via PDF format for Weiser Books and sent it to Courtney Weber re. Hekate book and the piece that I wrote for it. Whoo…!!

The deadline for the waivers to be sent in is tomorrow, Friday, for Courtney to get them in to Weiser Books ~ that’s why I sent mine in to her today…. Exciting, eh? More news on this process soon…. <3 *heart*


I’ve been honored, grateful, and heart-touched to be included in contributing a written piece of mine to Courtney Weber’s upcoming book about Hekate. Courtney will have this book published later in the year 2020 (i believe, if not later). She selected a specific excerpt from the full piece I wrote to be included. I will share that in a different post.

For now, I will share the whole piece which I wrote in a document on my iPad…. Here it is below… [Please do NOT share this publicly off my website. It is more than VERY important to me to keep it here. Thank you for understanding. ]


Here it is ~ copy paste-shared below from my document file:

Hecate (January 2020)

I’ve had many different ideas of what to write and felt blocked how to begin writing this piece, to be honest. Then, i got terribly sick on January 1st, 2020 and now have been recovering since then…. Thankfully, I’m feeling better enough to write this up. Despite all that, I decided to let Hecate speak through the ethers and help me figure out how to share in this piece. I also realized i can’t keep pushing it off. I could feel Hecate’s insistent nudges so here i am and this piece that I’ve crafted together. Thank you for the patience and understanding. 

I’m so beyond grateful, honored, and humbled to have the opportunity to share in this small written piece. Maybe I will write a longer piece later on at my blog on my website. Who knows? That’s something which remains to be seen 😉 🙂 

So… to begin with….  Once upon a time 😉 

There are many many moments over the past couple or more years since my first connection spark happened with Hecate. There are so many names and aspects that She holds. There are many stories in mythology where she appears especially in Greek/Roman myths. I want to share two moments in time that are connected related to Hecate; I wasn’t aware of it until much later and now whenever i think of these two moments, i cant help but chuckle and appreciate the humorous irony of it. 

The first moment is that whenever I would go over to visit my dear friend/witch/chosen family-sister Sarah B for tea and tarot times; she had one deck among many others which I would always seem to reach for despite the choices open to me. That deck is the Well Worn Path deck. I didn’t realize at the time that deck is particularly aligned to Hecate energy/presence. 

Later on, another moment in time: Sarah B and i planned to exchange Yule gifts. I went over to her house for tea and tarot as it has been our custom from time to time. Sarah gifted me the Well Worn path deck as my Yule gift that year. After i opened my gift, she told me that every time i walked into her house, that particular deck would literally fall off her shelf which I didn’t know til she shared that with me…. then we talked about the deck itself a bit. She let me know that it is aligned with Hecate energy and clearly that deck is meant to be mine since it seemed to be that deck was and had been calling to me for its own purposes. 

Over the years since…. I’ve had my own experiences and moments in varying ways related to and with Hecate. Some have been in during trance/meditation work. Some has occurred during ritual, magical, and ceremony work. Some has happened at random everyday life moments. Too many of these for me to recount and share here, *wry chuckle* though i can share this for sure…. She often will come to me as the energy of the fierce loving wise Grandmother/wise woman. Ive learned to both love, respect, and cherish that deeply about her. I continue to grow in my relationship with her more so now than before. 

Sometimes when I’m reading the cards (tarot/oracle) for clients, she will appear and I will hold space/facilitate channeling some messages from her for clients in that manner. At other times, it could happen during everyday moments or while I’m in ceremony/ritual/magical circle with community that she will nudge me to facilitate channeling some messages for folx who need it, that medicine from her.

 I’ve noticed that Hecate has a very specific energetic signature when it is actually supposed to happen ~ meaning in the sense of Hecate’s presence and working with it. I’ve learned to really watch and be aware with it; checking in first with the energy before actually doing the channeling work. It is always important to check in for affirmation from the energy/spirit realms with who is what before doing any channeling work/message facilitation. 

Also, she comes especially to those who call out in times of need, grief, heartache, anxiety, indecision, and/or challenge/crossroads with life paths. This aspect of hers is another one that I’m deeply familiar with as well. 

As i said earlier, there are so many stories about Hecate. I’ve learned so much about her in these. So much we can learn and go deeper with when it comes to stories and mythology for sure!

One story that i love and feel her energy in is this one….  the Caelleach (Scottish) is like a wise hag/grandmother type of a winter goddess being who has a staff and when the staff hits the ground, winter come into the land bringing the cold winds, snow, ice, and all the things known as winter. Then, when tis time for spring to begin, she will use her staff and hit the ground with it; when that happens, she transforms into a young woman and brings in the sun, all the living plants and trees start to wake up, etc. To me, that feels like a strong energy signature of both Hecate and Brighid in their respective ways, albeit even if they’re not named in these aspects. 

Another aspect of Hecate’s that I’ve grown to cherish and respect dearly is the Midwife because she’s like the top gatekeeper of all realms. Not only that, she can open/close doors of life and death, working with transition in between, and so much more. Ive felt her energetically present at specific times when doing medicine work related to death, supporting folx/creatures who are transitioning to the other side, and so on. 

Related to the aspect of Hecate being the Midwife, it feels apropos to include mentioning that when Demeter was grieving the loss of Persephone and after Demeter had gone to Mount Olympus in search of support from all the deities there…. The last one to answer was Hecate and she accompanied Demeter on her journey to search for Persephone and in that, Hecate was midwife and support to Demeter in the grief and loss then midwife to the joy and celebration when Persephone and Demeter were reunited. I feel this to be a powerful thread to remember even if folx may not be aware of the crucial part played by Hecate in this specific matter. 

To me, one of the many threads related to Hecate is this….  Hecate is all about the night realms, the moon, stars, shadows, and everything in between related to that.

I could indeed share so much more. However, i will stop here and say that definitely my path’s journeys have become the far more richer and deeper with having known Hecate and continuing to be grow and being in relationship with her as my paths ahead continue to unfold. I’m curious to see what more magicks will be in the weaving then telling ahead…. 😉 🙂 

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