Hello and Blessed Autumn Equinox!!

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Hello folx!!

It’s been a while since my last post in July….. a lot has happened since then and I appreciate y’all’s patience and understanding in the delay. Some personal life stuff has been occurring including the most recent with the horrible air quality as well as wildfires smoke hereabouts the oregon area, including my city of Portland….  I’m deeply grateful to say that we’re finally having clean fresh air, blue skies mixed with clouds, and some RAIN. So grateful for the cool air and rains that have come recently; hopefully they will help contain the wildfires and assist in the dissolution of the fires….

So grateful for the air quality index (AQI) finally improving to more of a decent color code (green/yellow) since we were past the hazardous (red/purple/mauve) color code for a week and half or so. Yikes. So grateful that I didn’t have to evacuate….. Yet, my empathy, compassion, and kindness goes out to so many folx who have been displaced, lost homes, lands, and more through this wildfire season. It’s not quite over yet, this wildfire season; hopefully some respite and comfort can come very soon.

So grateful for the tireless work of the firefighters working constantly to contain the fires. I hope they’re being taken care of and supported during this time.

Right now, it is Autumn Equinox aka Mabon ~ the second harvest festival. A liminal portal of dark, light, and balances…. ⌛️⏳…..  It’s also the beginning of Libra ♎️ season!  Happy solar return circle day season to y’all Libra folx !!!

In some ways, it’s kinda hard to believe September is almost over since October starts next week with an Aries ♈️ full moon, on Thursday, October 1st (more on that soon 😉) ….

Then again, I’m relieved it’s this moment of equinox and taking a pause, breath, and being with the now… prior moving forward with the season unfolding…  🙏🍏🍎🍁🌿🌾🍃

I’m grateful for SO SO SO much especially right now.

More to come soon !!! 💚♥️✨✨✨🔮🧚🏼‍♀️🧚🏼‍♂️

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