*** Hello and Checkin! ***

Hello Folx!

Thorne here. Tis been a while since I’ve checked in here. Ive not fallen off the edge of earth; please be rest assured 😉

I’ve just needed to take time away for a while in personal seclusion for some really good reasons. I’m slowly coming out of that as well as the recent Full Moon in Aquarius portal …  I might need to return again to personal seclusion for a bit longer, depending on current factors. I super appreciate y’all’s understanding and patience in that.

I’m currently still not on Facebook. I’m posting from time to time on Instagram ~ my handle name on there is: @heartofoak8 …. so please feel welcome to follow me there!

There’s a few things brewing in my cauldrons ~ they’ll be posted on here soon!

This recent Aquarius Full Moon/Lunar Lammastide portal ~ its also known as the Blackberry Moon, Sturgeon Moon, and Ancestors Moon. I definitely have been feeling the Ancestors very close as well as the Veils becoming thin…. More on that soon!

We will be approaching the next dark new moon portal ~ which is also a black moon ~ on August 30th, 2019. This new moon will be in Virgo. As referred to in We’Moon 2019 planner for this Virgo new moon, it’ll occur at 3:37am PST (pacific standard time). More on that soon too!

Y’all’s support of my woo work offerings and livelihoods are much much much appreciated and I’m beyond grateful for it right now, especially. Thankees, thankees, thankees! 🙂 <3

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