*** hello, chicago, illinois! ***

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Hullo, indeed!

I arrived last night in Chicago, Illinois via Midway airport and learning how to navigate the train system to the spot where Id meet a new friend (through chosen family networking) for pickup and host stay at their place. Quite an adventure already with navigating the train system a bit! I was reminded if i could and already have navigated both the NYC and London train systems, then I could do this. Grateful for that cosmic reminder. *wry chuckle*

Today has been a day of interesting weather ~ snow, wind, sun, and a bit warm all in one day. Haha! So nice to see a bit of that weather variety. The photos above were taken at my first Chicago host stay place. What pulled me to this photo taking moment? The simple beauty and powerful presence of Mother Nature being resilient even in the City. Gratitude to see that Mother Nature is resilient like that and doesnt let buildings like this get in the way of Her making presence and Spirit felt.

Plus, I do have a thing for diverse textures and such due to myself being a sensory creature. That moment also reminded me to stop and appreciate what i can see which is powerful for me right now.

What pulls me here to Chicago you may ask? Well, many reasons including my decision to date the city of Chicago a bit in the light of considering possibly relocating here aligning to my needs of expanding with my woo work income flow, etc. Ive not decided anything yet; Im choosing to let Chicago work its magic and show me whats possible, if theres any true possibility for manifesting woo work income flow here among other things…. mmm!

Im also keeping my eyes and heart open to the East Coast of the States for possible relocation choices as well. Come late May, i will go to DC and then in June, NY calls for me too… so a bit time til I decide which spot definitely resonates most and aligns with my current needs.

The New Moon coming soon April 7th among a couple other cosmic planetary shiftings will be quite telling one, it feels to me….

More shall be shared as my journey continues to unfold with this turn into my path 🙂



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