*** hello folx, checkin! ***

Hello folx!

I was out of town for about 3 weeks and 2 days ~ first, a week driving from Vancouver BC, Canada to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada to support a dear friend, then a 2nd week down in Toronto, Ontario, then a 3rd week down in NY State, then trekking back across Amerikka via car to Portland, Oregon. It was a wild, interesting, intense, and many other things type of mini-tour journey. So grateful for both the support and community folx who I connected with along the way! 🙂

There were some certain factors that contributed to my decisions to return direct to Portland instead of going the way of Yellowstone from Minneapolis MN to Seattle/Portland. I don’t regret making the decision to postpone Yellowstone; however, I’m sure its gorgeous even if pristinely cold there during this time of the year. I’m still aiming to visit Yellowstone because two folx encouraged me to visit both Prismatic Hot Springs and Sapphire Hot Springs ~ the photos they shared are amazing and definitely rooted a seed in my mind for creating time and space eventually for a journey to there, hopefully in the near future!

I drove through some amazingly gorgeous places and so grateful to see the beauty of Mother Nature in so many different ways! Also, grateful to receive such kindness of folx along the way.

I arrived back very early to Portland; just when sunrise was beginning ~ yesterday, Wednesday ~ then went directly to bed ~ since it had been a very LONG day into night trek Tuesday into Wednesday for me returning to Portland, Oregon. Ive needed to take some time to recoup as well as to prep for a event that I’m going to vend my readings at this Saturday, October 12th, 2019 at Catalyst Sex Positive Center for their holiday event…

I will share a couple photos from my mini tour journey in a eventual post. Thank you for the patience and understanding in this. It’s much appreciated.

More info soon to come about the holiday event happening this Saturday, Oct. 12th ~ Thank you!

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