*** Hittite Love Story ~ Ishtar ~ ***


Once upon a time in a kingdom called Hati in the 1320’s near modern day Aleppo, there was a king named Mursili, successor of a broken linkage of kingships taken through treason and treachery. But he in humility, recognized the pattern developing in the story of his family and he set aim to resolve the discord created by his predecessors, even at his own expense. He atoned and suffered true to his cause and in his life he witnessed the majority of his beloved family including his first wife, fall to a plague that beset the land and ravaged generations of the people of his kingdom and his family. He felt that this was punishment for the traditions set before him of beheading brothers to be kings, a tradition of treason and treachery that left the kingdom unstable. He offered himself in his grief to the Goddess Ishtar, and became a devotee of the Goddess of fertility, war, sex, love and power. He in earnest devotion went on a pilgrimage to the temple of the Goddess Ishtar and fell in love with the temple priest’s daughter Kali. The two of them fell deeply in love and were soon married. Thus followed a season of great prosperity that rings through history to this day as the height of Hittite civilization. In all of the 500+ years of intricately detailed Hittite history, king Mursilis and queen Kali were the only couple in 500+ years that were documented as being in love with each other through their entire relationship and reign, marking the pinnacle of Hittite civilization. It was the Goddess Ishtar that brought them together and their trust and fervent love that brought their civilization of Hati to its greatest heights. Hati remains to this day the most well documented pre Roman(ish) histories we have. A relatively whole and rich history which includes the worlds oldest peace treaty, carved in stone for us to witness both the humanity and the sophisticated nature of these ancient peoples.

Happy Ishtar Sunday, hope you feel inspired in your love from a deep sense of self truth <3

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