“I am Amazing” manifesto – your holiday mom website

This is something I found via the your holiday mom website. It resonated deeply as a powerful reminder for me especially right now. I also felt nudged to share this as something for those of y’all gender diverse folx who are experiencing challenges this winter season. This is something for you to take close to heart and be reminded of your powerful true authentic selves. Shine on and be your true selves.


“I am Amazing” manifesto

I am an amazing person.

I am not defined by labels.

Nor what others think of me.

I will not be put into a box.

I, and I alone determine the terms

of my own defining.

I am defined by my heart

by my goodness

by my kind actions

by each and every fascinating layer

that makes me who I am.

Because I am an interesting person

i am incredible.

I am unique and remarkable just the way I am.

This is me.

This is my path.

I walk it firmly.

I walk it proudly.

This is who I am.

and I am not apologizing for any of it .

Because I love myself.

And I am loved.

I am supported.

I am cherished.

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