Imbolc -1 and 2 February 2016


Imbolc, other known as in the old Irish Celtic way, Oimlec – this means milk in the belly, so to speak. It was the time when the mother ewes are readying to lactate and birth their young.

This also signals the beginning of Spring, the early reverberations felt in the earth and among us. Crocuses, snowdrop flowers and birch trees are several of the symbols with this time. The sap begins to rise in the trees so does our inner flame starts to reignite.

Brighid, one of the dearly beloved Irish goddesses, is the deity honored at this sacred time. She is known by other names too. Some of them are Brigid, Brigit, and Bride. Hearth magic is deeply associated with her. Milk, butter, cheese, water, and fire are connected with this sacred day. There are many ways of honoring this celebration. Making bread is one. Weaving together a Brighid Cross is another. There’s a video explaining how to make a Brigit Cross….… Check it out!


The  next new moon is on February 8th. I will post up a new piece by then. Please know right now I may not be positing often due to taking another trip soon up north and partly being in seclusion to honor Imbolc. Please respect that and I hope your week is a beautyfull one!

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