*imbolc 2011 (feb) part 2*

This imbolc has been quite a powerful one, plenty of energy shifting and moving! Plus, the gift of such radiant sunlight and blue skies to grace today’s Imbolc!

*sparkle* Lady Brighid aka Bride, Brigit, etc. She’s the Goddess of Spring, crafts, healing, fertility, and magic! Here’s a charm (as the Irish would honor the Old Ways re. Imbolc) ~

“Early on Bride’s morn/The serpent shall come from the hollow/I will not molest the serpent/Nor will the serpent molest me”….

And/or the above as said in Irish Gaelic: *Moch maduinn Bhride/Thig an nimhir as as toll/Cha bhoin mise ris an nimhir/Cha bhoin an nimhir rium*

May your imbolc week/weekend be bright and blessed! *fwshooowooosh faerie dust* sparkles*

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