*** Imbolc woo portals ~ 1st and 2nd Feb. 2017 ~

Blessed Imbolc!

This is the first day of a new month, February ~ what a wild ride it already has been with January…. phew! With it being the first day of a new month, its an opportunity for a fresh page to start in a new way. TOday and tomorrow marks the transition of winter into spring ~ the liminal shiftings from Dark to Light among many layers….

Brighid is the Celtic/Irish goddess and patron aligned with Imbolc. She is a Fire goddess; patron of writers, poets, healers, musicians, herbalists, and creative folx of all kinds. If youre in need of inspiration, clarity, and illumination, then She is such one to make offerings with and ask for guidance during this time.

Imbolc is also known by the name Oimloc, as per the old Gaelic language since that means time of getting ready to lactate and preparing for birth… since the mother sheep would be growing babies in their bodies and preparing their milk to be ready (lactation) for feeding their babies.

Milk, butter, water, cheese, bread, and fire all are related to Brighid and Imbolc. All forms of flame are encouraged ~ home hearths, candles, kitchen hearths, heart-hearths, etc.

Creativity is another flame that can be ignited and/or re-birthed during this time. What forms of creativity resonate with you?

Creativity is diverse ~ journaling, making art, singing, writing, making food, and making candles are all great ways for prompting spaces to unfold and birth during this portal…. blessed creative making to yall!

What are the new intentions/seeds you want to plant during this time? Thats another thing to conider and mull with…. If you dont feel ready to set/plant new seeds yet, then it may be time to do deeper releasing and purging prior to setting those new seeds/intentions. Do whats needed to support your needs with that…. it may feel different for many of you in that ~ Cutting Cord rituals are great as a vehicle for clearing out energy that needs to go as well as other ways.

I hope to have a fire outside at some point during this portal…. Fingers crossed!

For sure, I plan to make irish soda bread as my offering during this time and spending time with the Ancestors among other simple observances i will do during this time.

Blessings, blissings, and gratitudes!


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