It’s January! (2015)

Hello folx!

Much much has transpired since I last posted on here. The Universe apparently had a different twist in mind to my original thinking of float-crash spots around Portland as I figure the next steps ahead. On New Years, a very very generous offer fell into my lap by Magick and manifested a temporary stable house space for me to be rather than float-crash spots around the city….

This has turned out to be a great decision since it’s been giving me the space needed for focusing on self-sufficiency skills and preparations. I learned how to make home-made laundry soap for the first time! So easy… Much easier than I had thought! I feel an abundance of gratitude for this unfolding and excited to learn more self-sufficiency skills as I go more into the direction of nomadic living-traveling-woo working.

Tomorrow-Satyrday, I’m offering readings at a local fundraiser benefit for Free Cascadia Witch Camp. This is a opportunity for me to explore a new possible community thread. I’m curious to see how it will transpire. Also, I’m feeling grateful since I’ll be able to receive some bodywork via trade. I will split the tips I receive via readings I offer with the benefit folx -that will be sorted out tomorrow.

The Universe also has a funny way of working things out -the other day, I was kinda feeling a tiny bit stressed about money then I bumped into old friend who I hadn’t seen for a super long time -today, they text messaged me to checkin on getting a few folx together and I can offer readings to them. Heh…. Super gratitude for that and for being reminded that YES I’m absolutely held as above, as below.

I rest in with my being held by above, below, and center. I trust that all my needs and desires are already in manifesting right now.

I look forward to what this soon arriving new moon in Aquarius will bring. Let’s see what Magick will be a’foot!

Blessings be,

mr. Thorne

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