Jack Frost and quick check in….

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Hello folx!

Its almost mid November already! Time flies for sure! Jack Frost has been making his presence known here and there these nights/mornings. How so?  the chill in the air, that nip of cold felt on the nose or in the wind as it blows by… And frost seen on the cars at night as windows fog up or in the morning when the faint sunlight hits on the car windows.

Jack Frost is the herald of Winter season, the Deepening and the Darkening. Jack is a mischievous fairie. He plays tricks with children while making them laugh. Though, sometimes his mischief can be a bit too far out of bounds. All the more reason for caution especially as the roads for traveling will be challenging, weather-wise….

I wonder how long til the Holly King and Snow Queen take their throne for their season? Hm. It’ll be interesting to see how long that takes. It is important & essential that we remember to carry joy, light and warmth deep in our hearts as Winter comes into the Now.

I will write more in the coming days on Yule and Winter Solstice. Winter Solstice is one of my several most favorite holy season festive times. More on that soon! 😉

On a different note:

The gift certificates with colored paper! Why do I have a photo of them on here? Well, exciting news! I will be selling FIVE of those at a local tattoo & piercing shop here in Portland, Oregon. They will be sold in exchange for CASH only. When the certificates have been dropped off then I will post up an official update.

When those five are all sold, they will be replenished. I’m excited to have this opportunity and it feels really good!

There are also some really neat crafty creative making projects I’m currently incubating. Some of them will be ready just in time for Yule/Winter Solstice. Some of them will need a bit more time prior to being ready. I’m starting to feel more excited about this whole crafty making process.

Another exciting piece related  to the crafty creative making projects…. There will be some new (soon to come) designed and printed materials that will dovetail really well with the crafty merchandise. My friend Stacy Bias (located in England) will be desiging the new materials for me! This feels like a big yet exciting step up in this process with bringing my new offerings out there into the world. I’m truly grateful and curious to see how it will all transpire 🙂

Her information will be in the community resources page on here if you’re curious to know what kind of design/print work she does. Do please check it out!

More to come soon!

Happy new moon wishes and blessings

-mr. Thorne

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