January 2016 ending thoughts….

Hello folx!

Much much indeed has been moving and flowing through, shifting too! I’m currently nearing my return back to Portland, Oregon. I’ve been away on travels up north and meandering on the way back south this week…hence my not having posted much during my sojourn up north.

The first month of 2016 is coming to a close. February, a new month, beckons just around the corner. Time seems to fly quick and move slow at the same time these days …. *wry chuckle *

This recent full moon in Leo among other planetary cosmic shifting a was a very BIG one, deeply felt. A lot surrounded the themes of Heart-centered truth, being authentic, communicating and sharing from heart-center, not logic-center, moving and living from raw gut instinct, etc etc etc.

Ive been really resonating with the commentaries via Planet News by Zoe ….. The information there is very clear and intuitive. It feels very resonant in the emotional, visceral, and energetic contexts for me. If you’re curious then go check her website….www.planetnewsbyzoe.com …. Enjoy!


The next holyday is Imbolc which transpires 1-2 February and the new moon on the 8th  February. Lunar Imbolc and the Asian new year also take place on that day too. I’ll write more soon about Imbolc!

Blessed be!

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