January 2016!

Hello y’all!

It’s a new calendar year already! Much has been happening since my last post on here. Winter solstice was lovely, quiet, deep, mellow for me. I did small observance here and there such as bringing in the greens, foraging some, hanging up some grapevine handmade pentacle star ornaments, etc.

It definitely felt like a powerful turning and a relief in a bittersweet way to say goodbye to 2015. Much has happened during 2015 including shifts with this website, how I’m providing woo work services, and so on. I am thankful for your support and interest in all that I’ve been able to offer and co create with you during 2015!

With this new calendar year turning, I’m already looking ahead to the sweet possibilities and opportunities that are presenting themselves already for 2016! Magick indeed IS a’foot!

Im currently on sojourn up north in Canada, BC. Please know I am available for readings/sessions if we schedule them ahead of time. Other than that, I will be enjoying my sojourn and personal time here in Canada. It is much needed for me in many ways.

Also, I’m grateful already for the manifesting interests among y’all for booking sessions with me this month-January! I’m excited to see what abundance can flow for both- you AND me!

I will post up more musings on here soon.

Blessed be,

-mr. Thorne

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