July and September festival shows as updated….

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Hullo folx~

This week/weekend is World Fest happening here in the grass valley CA area. Please do check it out! Ill be in the conscious living section of the fest ~ vending my woo work offerings at my friends tent booth there. The Indiegenous Peoples Village area is right across from the tent booth and the Workshops center is not far from where our tent booth is located at. Im slow-steadily feeling excited for the festival and especially excited to see Nahko and the Medicine People play their music during this Festival!! 🙂


Later, in September, close to Autumn Equinox ~ Ill be at Imagine Music & Arts Festival, vending my woo workings too! Itll be my first time visiting Orcas Island; I cant wait to see it and be there, experiencing the magicks of the festival and island. Ive been told that Orcas Island is gorgeous… theres even a ferry to take to get to the island. mmmm~ cant wait!!


As always, my overflowing gratitudes for your abundant encouragement, interest, donations, and payments of all kinds in support of the offerings and workings i bring out into the world. The many forms of your abundant support flow into supporing my daily basic needs, woo supplies, gas costs, etc. Every dollar does count! Thankees you, thankees you, thankees you!!!

Blessings bee,

your nomadic traveller magicky worker~

Mr. Thorne

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